On My Year of Wonderfullness

an attitude of graditude

an attitude of graditude

The Charlotte Post online newspaper recently asked me to comment on my experience as one of twenty artists chosen to participate in the 2016 ArtPop program in Charlotte, North Carolina. My quote merely touched upon what turned out to be a life-changing experience for me as an artist and human being. I learned that when you dare to be a part of something bigger than yourself, the self-growth "needle" starts to move forward. Had I not summoned the nerve to submit my image to the ArtPop competition, nothing would have happened! You have to be in it to win it. A year of amazing experiences followed: My Rivers_Congo image has reigned majestically on a billboard in West Charlotte since early January this year. (It will be replaced by one of 20 new 2017 ArtPop images in the new year.) I also had two showcases which put me in front of the Charlotte arts community. This give me the opportunity to introduce myself and my art to many people who didn't know I existed. 

ArtPop seemed usher in a new energy of opportunities this year, and in 2017. I was accepted into a wonderful residency workshop coming up in February - Aimone Art Services' MASTER SERIES WORKSHOP-RESIDENCIES. I will be doing directed individual study under the supervision of artist Steven Aimone at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Also, I am one of the 2017 Arts & Science Council's Regional Artist Grant Project winners. The grant will cover a week of study with my friend, figurative painter Louise Farley at the J.C. Campbell artist retreat in the North Carolina mountains. 

I find myself in in a state of quiet but definite awe... The late Dr. Dwayne Dyer suggested to his readers to: in a state of bewilderment..." That is, to just the moment observing the beauty of life itself. Let it flow and see what creative energy shows up. Some of Dyer's best writing took place when he embraced this way of being. I, too, seek to Be.... I anticipate with certainty the pure joy of observing possibilities evolve into miraculous opportunities. And so it is.